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Audium Theatre of Sound-Sculptured-Space details
pioneering the exploration of space in music: 'sound sculptures' are performed in the darkness of a small theatre with multiple speakers.
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modulator : The Sound Ring details
providing a link and a guide between sites that revolve around the worlds of sound art, new music, acoustics, and new musical technology, experimental, avant-garde and just plain insane music, all of that which is pushing at the boundaries of modern music.
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Osborn, Ed details
artist whose pieces use sound as a primary material and take many forms including installation, sculpture, radio, video, performance, and public projects.
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Reverberant details
explores the physical relationship between sound and the public and integrates sculpture, audio electronics, and video. By Iain Mott, Marc Raszewski, Jim Sosnin, and Tim Barrass.
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Sound Sculpture details
devoted to presenting various ideas concerning artistic works involving visual, tactile, and audial materials.
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