Candle Making Tips

There are many reasons to start making your own candles. You can create candles for their practical purpose of light. Candlemaking is an enjoyable pastime and fun thing to do with older children. It will express your ceative side. Your candles can be given away as personalized gifts. And of course, you can make money by selling them.

Candlemaking is an extremely rewarding hobby. Many people enjoy seeing what they create. It can be very fun to give away your creations as gifts as well. Learning how to make candles at home is very easy to do. Many local craft stores have all the materials that you need in a kit. As the hobby expands, you see more and more different molds, colors, dyes and fragrances for candlemaking in the stores.

Candlemaking Tips for Your Own Homemade Candles

Use a double boiler. A double boiler is a large pot filled partially with water with a smaller pot filled with the unmelted wax that you plan on turning into a candle The layer of water in between the pot and the heat source prevents the wax from burning.

After the wax has melted, it is ready for pouring. Hold the wick in place in the center of the mold as you carefully pour the wax into it.

The wax will need to cool for four to six hours, so be patient and find something else to do. In order to easily remove the wax from the mold, you may want to spray it with nonstick cooking spray prior to pouring the melted wax.

Candle Making Molds

There are a variety of different fun styles, shapes, sizes and colors of the candles that you can make. This is where the creative expression comes into play. You are unlimited to how many different combinations and styles that you come up with. Most candle makers will find a signature style after experimenting for awhile.

While there are plenty of jars and molds already on the market, some experienced candle makers create their own latex molds. There is no limit to the endless possibilities when making candles.

Unfortunately, latex molds are too flexible to support the weight of the wax without altering its shape. All latex molds need a lip or a hard piece of cardboard or other devide to create a frame as a support structure.

Selling Your Homemade Candles

Many people have an entrepreneur inside of them. You can sell your candle creations online, at local craft fairs, and at nearby shops. The market is very large for such a usable product. Candles make great gifts because they add ambiance and essential light when the power goes out.

These are just some basic candlemaking tips to get you started learning how to make candles at home.