Appreciating the Cultural Art of Theatre

Since its beginning with the Greeks, theatre has always been an entertaining and highly prized performance art. Audiences in all cultures have flocked to theatres, seeking enlightenment and amusement. Unfortunately in our modern society, theatre is sometimes seen as entertainment only for the “cultured” or “sophisticated,” and people commonly seek other leisure activities. However, theatre is for all types, ages, and intellects. Here are a few reasons why you should take your family to see a local play together this Friday night.

First, theatre is a blend of all the arts, incorporating music, visual artistry in the set and costumes, and performing. Watching a play in person is a much different experience than watching a movie; there is added drama and excitement as the live action unfolds before you. You and your children will be witnesses to art being created right in front of your eyes, and you will have a deeper appreciation for all of the talent and skill that goes into putting on a production of a play.

Secondly, there is a certain timelessness about theatre. While new plays are being written and performed every day, there are also scores of classic plays that are rooted deeply in our culture which continue to be performed. For instance, as your children watch a play by Shakespeare, they are exposed to an integral part of our civilization’s history and culture. Together as a family, when you watch a play you can be a part of a tradition that has endured over centuries and appreciate the art that has and continues to enrich our culture today.