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Computerized 3D Facial Reconstruction details
Discusses traditional forensic facial reconstruction and the recent digital developments.
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Court TV's Crime Library: Forensic Art details
Article exploring the various facets of forensic art: facial identification, facial reconstruction, and age progression.
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For Artist: Forensic Art details
Artist Stephen Mancusi describes several forensic art techniques including: composite art, image modification, age progression, post-mortem reconstruction, and demonstrative evidence.
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Forensic Artist and the Statute of Limitations details
Looks at how age progression drawings and their release contributes to 'diligent search'.
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Jim Ballance's Forensic Art details
Outlines the steps in producing a composite sketch of an unknown suspect.
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Neville's Forensic Art Service details
Describes composite drawing, three- and two-dimensional facial reconstruction, decomposition sketches and computer enhanced reconstructions, and age progression techniques.
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Orange County Sheriff's Office Forensic Artist details
Detective Stephen A. Fusco offers an introduction to the field of forensic art.
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Sculptural Forensics details
Features information on the craft of head and facial reconstruction for identification purposes.
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