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Digital Storytelling
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Aaron Shepard's Storytelling Page details
features resources for storytelling, including the acclaimed multicultural series Gifts of Story.
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Aboriginal Perspective on Storytelling details
features an interview with Pauline McLeod.
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Long Limbed Tales details
features a monthly audio story.
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Lonvig, Asbjorn details
Art, design, storytelling, writings, fairy tales in simple shapes and bright colors.
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Other People's Stories details
Every story on OPS is a story a contributor heard from someone else.
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San Francisco Stories details
as told by Derek M. Powazek, with a chance to add your own.
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San Francisco Stories by Derek M. Powazek details
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Seanachi details
collection of Irish tales.
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Seattle Stories details
A collection of true stories that involve Seattle. Add your story.
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Stories of the Dreaming details
stories from the cultures of indigenous Australians. In text, audio, and video formats.
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