More about the Basis of Visual Art

The visual arts encompass things like sculpture, painting and so on. The basis of visual arts is that of productions meant to entertain through the eyes without use of song, speech or writing. The artist is trying to make a point by the concept he or she has put together without having to speak about the topic. So in truth the artist is telling a story by using the visual images and how they transform into words in our brain. The feelings aroused when a person sees a particular piece of art is the idea behind visual art.

Throughout the history of the world there has been visual art in one form or another. Even the early days of man have shown us that we were interested in communicating with one another through art. Cave drawings depict hunts and so on that we as the modern day people attempt to interpret to learn more about the times. Art was thought to be the only form of communication that was available making it more appealing to the other people alive at the time.

When you move forward through history you see that visual art has played a major role in the culture of the countries around the world. This comes on the heels of the fact that many artists never realized any kind of fame or fortune during their lifetime as their work did not become appreciated until centuries later.

Case and point of this would be Vincent Van Gough. He was plagued by his own insecurity and addictions. His work was outside of the norm and hence it was not accepted by the art community of his time. Van Gough would spend his relatively short life painting but never selling. Today there is nothing shy of an extreme demand for his work. Examples of Van Gough’s paintings sell in the millions of dollar range and are highly sought after by serious art collectors.

The other side of the coin would be those artists that found fame and fortune during their life time and still have a huge following to this day. Leonardo Da Vinci is a prime example. Da Vinci was a highly popular painter and sculpture in his time and he had the attention of the royal family which gave him carte blanche on his work. Besides art he was known as one of the greatest thinkers who actually invented many of the things we use today though he never built any of his own. Da Vinci was also a highly sought after teacher of the arts and many masters owe their talent to his schooling.

Watercolor Art Projects For Your Kids

When you are looking for an idea for something productive to do with your child, then maybe being involved with an art project is the answer. This kind of art is a simple craft that will be fun for you and your child to do together. There are a few watercolor art projects for kids to do. The watercolors are your best choice for kids to be involved with as this can become quite messy and the watercolor paint can be easily washed off. First decide just what it is you will want to make. Start the project by first drawing the design or image with the use of a crayon or even a marker on a sheet of art paper. Then dip the brush into water and go on to wet the brush and then run the brush over the entire paper. Now you can begin to paint on the art paper. The paint shall fill everywhere other then the area that was drawn with the marker or crayon.

Another idea it to use a rectangular sheet of art paper and put four blobs of four colors in the corners of the paper. Then your child can use his or her fingers and begin to spread the colors, two blobs at a time in anyway they want to create some kind of design and ending it when meeting in the center of the paper. Get a spool of thread for this next idea. Take the piece of paper and place it on a flat surface. Then take the piece of thread and lightly dip it into paint. Then begin to place the thread onto paper to create designs by pressing the thread down onto the paper and then pulling the thread by the other end. This will create a formation for a design on paper. The idea of watercolor art projects for kids are not so difficult and can allow kids to explore some new and interesting avenues in regard to arts and crafts. You can use the ideas that are written above or even let your kids decide on their own as kids do have such a fascinating imagination. This will even give the kids some confidence by allowing them to create with their own thoughts and ideas.